As part of your Northern Arizona Peace Trail adventure, you'll have the opportunity to explore various sites along the route. Here are some notable sites to see during your journey:


Maggies Slot Canyon: Explore the stunning natural formations of Maggies Slot Canyon, a unique and narrow passage created by natural forces over time.


Founders Cabin: Discover the historical Founders Cabin, offering insights into the area's history and culture.

Woodys Cabin: Explore Woodys Cabin, another historical site that provides a glimpse into the past.


Visit the area known as Spider, which may offer picturesque landscapes and unique natural features.


Topac 66 Restaurant: Enjoy a visit to the Topac 66 Restaurant, where you can savor local cuisine and soak in the atmosphere.


Oatman Hotel Bar: Experience the historic charm of the Oatman Hotel bar, known for its old-time ambiance and character.

Bullhead City:

Stripper Pole/Panty Tree: This unconventional attraction is a memorable landmark in Bullhead City that's sure to grab your attention.


Hualapai Mountains: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hualapai Mountains, offering stunning vistas and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Boriana Mine: Explore the Boriana Mine, a testament to the area's mining history and heritage.

These sites add a layer of exploration and adventure to your journey along the Northern Arizona Peace Trail. Take the time to soak in the unique attractions and landscapes that each location has to offer.